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Merchmake Shopify App

Monetize your brand and content with Merchmake, the easy, one-stop solution to create all kinds of Print-On-Demand products for your Shopify store. Merchmake makes it easy to create, buy, and sell premium products. Use Merchmake to quickly make hundreds of products of all types. You use our tools to design and upload the products to your Shopify store and Merchmake does the rest.

Key Features:

  • Broad Assortment of Products, Price Points, and Decorating Techniques: Merchmake’s on-demand product offering spans multiple categories, price-points, and decorating methods including embroidery, sublimation, direct-to-garment and laser. You will have loads of choices in apparel and accessories, drinkware, glass, home furnishings, wall art, tech products, sporting goods and more.

  • Fast and Simple Product Creation and Curation: Merchmake’s easy-to-use design tools allow you to quickly and painlessly design your products and see exactly what they look like before you offer them for sale.

  • Focus on Quality: Merchmake has the experience and capacity to produce a wide assortment of products that meet the highest level of safety, quality, and design standards.

  • Responsive Customer Service: Merchmake makes running your store and dealing with your customers easy with email support for product development and pricing, new product notifications, responsive customer service via chat or email, and our no-hassle return policy.

  • Winning Formula: With its breadth of top quality POD products, excellent pricing (you determine your profit margin), and fast turnaround, Merchmake will make merchandising your Shopify store easy, help you maximize your sales, and create happy return customers.

How does Merchmake Work?

  • Upload your logos and designs.

  • Pick a product and start designing with our easy-to-use tools and mock-up design generator.

  • Pick a price and publish your product to your store.

  • Repeat.

  • Watch the orders pour in.

  • Merchmake makes the merch and packages and ships it to your customer complete with a personalized packing slip.

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